Having Children Changed My Relationship with My Husband

hen people say having a child “changes everything”, you really can’t understand the gravity of that, until it actually happens to you. It not only changes you, but it changes the relationships with everyone you know. For better or worse. Question is, how much change can you really take and at what cost? After having Read More

Dear Me: A Letter To My Pregnant Self 4 Years Ago

Dear Sweet and Naive Me, ook at you over there, daydreaming and imagining what life will be like when that little baby enters this world. Because, hey you still have time to do that sort of thing. I see you over there telling others how you have it figured out. How you must be at Read More

7 Reasons Why Being A Stay-At-Home-Mom Is A Real Job

eing a Mom is already very challenging. It’s hard work. Yet, what I find to be most challenging, is hearing that being a SAHM really isn’t a “job” at all. Or better still “it’s the easiest job in the world”. Let me be the first to tell you, that raising children, is far from easy. Read More