What Wintergreen and NSAIDs have in common

Wintergreen is a major contributor to my pain relief routine. In fact, the blend PanAway, which was specifically created for pain relief, includes wintergreen. Interestingly, according to the Essential Oils Reference Guide Book, for deep and chronic pain, they suggest adding 2 additional drops of wintergreen when applying for added benefit. WHY IS WINTERGREEN SO EFFECTIVE?  Read More

What are Essential Oils and How do they work

What are Essentail Oils and How Do They Work?

WHERE DID ESSENTIAL OILS ORIGINATE Let’s begin with where Essential Oils even came from. Dating as far back as 3,500 B.C. Egyptians were the first on record who began extensively making and using EOs for their religion, cosmetics and medicinal purposes.  Essential Oils have been around for decades. Helping and healing people for thousands of years. Oils Read More