How to Make the Perfect Squash in 15 Minutes or Less

‘m sure you’ve heard to make the perfect spaghetti squash, butternut squash or even acorn squash, that you need to bake it. For an hour!! Ain’t nobody got time for that! What if I told you there was a faster and easier way? One where you don’t need to heat up your entire house to do Read More

How to Make the Perfect Paleo Ranch Dressing

his recipe took me years! Well, maybe not years. But it sure felt like a lifetime! After going full Paleo, I’m pretty sure I missed ranch dressing the most. I was a bit of a Ranch snob. I would make my restaurant choices based off who had the better ranch dressing. Seriously, who does that?  Read More

How to Make the Perfect “Paleonnaise”

o you are ready to try your hand at making your own mayo, I see. Are you sure you’re ready? I dunno if you can handle the mayo. (See what I did there?) Some will come, some will conquer, and most will fail… their first go round. I was one of the most. It happens to Read More