The Battle for my Life with Anxiety & Depression

Is it possible to have Anxiety and not even know it? For me, that was the case. As a young adult, I remember hearing stories of people having anxiety attacks. How it would consume them. How this overwhelming sensation began in the pit of their chest and inhibited them from functioning, feeling and even behaving rationally.  

These attacks would cause them to take an absence from work, prevent them from leaving the house or from simply performing everyday activities. I never connected the dots of these stories, these feelings to what I was experiencing. To me, this was just how it was. A normal (or not so normal) part of life.

According to the National institute of Mental Health, roughly 19 percent of North American adults experience issues with anxiety. However, it is believed that this number is much much greater, due to lack of proper diagnosis and or reporting of symptoms.

To better understand what exactly Anxiety is, we need to better understand what the root of the cause is. And the underlying common denominator in all forms of Anxiety, come back to one thing… STRESS.

Did you know…

That stress is a normal everyday occurrence in the body? In fact, it actually plays a major role in keeping our bodies healthy and balanced! Stress is regulated by the hormone known as Cortisol. Otherwise known as the “stress hormone”. Cortisol is essential for maintaining complete homeostasis in the body and influences and regulates many functions including:

  • Blood Sugar
  • Metabolism
  • Immune responses
  • Blood Pressure 
  • and the Central Nervous System 

The problem is, in today’s high-stress society, the stress response is activated for extended periods of time, never allowing the body to fully recover and return to normal. Which can lead to a myriad of health issues resulting from too much cortisol production/or too little from chronic adrenal fatigue.

When the body over produces Cortisol, it can have negative health consequences on the body, such as: 

  • Impaired cognitive performance 
  • Weakened Thyroid function
  • Insomnia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Elevated Blood Sugar levels
  • Compromised Immune System
  • Increased abdominal fat
  • And Adrenal Fatigue

After a while, when the body has been stressed out for extended periods of time,  you begin to experience something called adrenal fatigue. Basically, in a nutshell, your body has spent so much time trying to regulate and circulate the exorbitant amount of cortisol being released into its system, that eventually your adrenal gland, simply “taps out”. It cannot keep up with the high demand on the body leaving you feeling, excessively fatigued, brain fogged & mildly depressed. 

This is where my story begins. Before having children I had experiences with these attacks. They were infrequent and mild, and honestly, as I mentioned, I just assumed that it was all a normal part of life. But after having my boys, I began to experience these hormone changes more frequently. Not only that, but they were inhibiting my daily life. I was angry more, worried more, seemingly about everything. I would panic about “mole hills” that felt like “mountains”.  I was exhausted regularly and began to have a lack of desire for social situations. And then eventually it all caught up with me and I found myself in one of the darkest places I have ever been. I found myself caught in a bout with depression. 

This is very difficult for me to admit. Because I have always seen myself as a fighter. I even remind my son daily that “McCormicks never quit”. Yet I found myself in one of the most uncomfortable positions I’ve been in, in my entire life. I wanted to quit…

As the days went on like this I felt like I was drowning. Some days it felt like it was swallowing me whole. And I was either too ashamed to talk about it, or I didn’t’ want to burden anyone with my problems. So I internalized it. And pretended it wasn’t happening to me. But it seemed like the everyday stresses were winning, and suddenly I found myself losing the desire to fight back. I shut down…

It’s strange how easy it was to find myself there. In that dark space. A place I could never have imagined myself being.I prayed that God would help me to figure this out. To give me the strength to not feel so consumed by my worry. I hated being in that place. I wanted nothing more than to feel normal again. To fight for me. For my kids. For my family. And so, I did…

If you know me, then you know I am a not a huge proponent of pharmaceuticals in general.  But at this point, I was willing to try just about anything.  And that’s when I heard of these natural supplements called Cortistop & Thyromin. They were said to balance your glandular system.  Fight the consequences of Cortisol over production and balance and maintain a well-functioning thyroid.

Why is the Thyroid so important?

Basically, all of our hormones are connected through something called the pituitary gland.  Which is a “pea sized” gland located behind the bridge of your nose at the base of your brain.  And is considered the “master gland” which sends out messages to all of the other hormone glands in the body, including the Thyroid and adrenal glands. When your system has been compromised by excessive levels of Cortisol production, it weakens your Thyroid function and affects everything in the body.

Your thyroid hormones help to support all of your metabolic processes. It controls how your body uses food for energy, affects your metabolism rate, and controls how fast or slow your brain, heart, muscles, liver, and other parts of your body operate. In order for your body to continue to remain balanced, your body needs a well functioning, strong thyroid.

Since the thyroid was likely weakened due to the overworked adrenal glands, then obviously this is not the job for just one man. You need to approach this situation from all sides. After doing some research into the ingredients and their benefits, I discovered that the combination of two supplements that just might be my saving grace. I didn’t know what to expect to be perfectly honest. But I was praying for a miracle. 

Incredibly after my first dose of these all-natural supplements, what used to start as little “fire balls” in the pit of my chest that would explode to consume my entire body and either make me shut down or freak out…simply didn’t happen that day. I wasn’t rushed. I wasn’t angry or consumed with worry and second guessing myself. I felt in complete control. I was rational and go with the flow. It was the most liberating feeling! 

I figured, “this has to be all in my head”. “Today was a fluke”. “It was just a generally good day, right?” So I continued with my regimen and continued this for the next few weeks. And suddenly I realized, this was no fluke! This was my new normal! And I was never going back! 

I am seriously so thankful that I have found these precious little gifts. There was no waiting period. No ‘build up” or foggy drug like feeling. The supplements simply worked with my body and did exactly what they were created to do. They brought me back to life. And they gave me and my family the greatest gift I could give them. They get the best of me…


I really hope that my story reaches people. To let them know there is hope.

Does my story sound familiar? I would love to hear from you! 




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