Not All Essential Oils Are Created Equally

Quite often I am asked questions about the different kinds of oils available and why some are more expensive than others. Although I will never knock a specific brand or oil, I do always warn people to be selective with what they are using. NOT ALL OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL. And you honestly get what you pay for.

Adulterated and synthetic oils are a REAL thing. They run rampant in the market today. Especially here in the United States. Sadly there is no real way to tell who is who and which oils are truly pure without having them professionally tested.

Today, much of the Lavander sold in America is actually a hybrid called “Lavadin, which is grown and distilled throughout the world. Lavadin is often heated to evaporate the camphor and mixed with synthetic linalyl acetate to improve fragrance.

These are the oils that you will find in lotions, perfumes and other market products with fragrance. They are cheap but smell nice and can be purchased in large quantities for less. They, however, are not intended in any way shape or form, to be used for any type of therapeutic benefit.

However, we as consumers do not know the difference and are content to spend $7-$10 for a bottle of Lavender in various stores or on the internet. This is why it is SO important to know the integrity of the essential oil and the company from which it comes from. Adultered and mislabeled oils pose many present dangers for consumers. Causing rashes, burns, skin irritations, or can even cause allergic reactions, besides being totally devoid of any therapeutic benefits.

In France during 1967 – 1998, the production of True Lavender dropped from 87 tons to just 12 tons. During this time the demand for lavender grew over 100%. So where did they get the oil to meet these demands?? They used a combination of synthetic and adultered oils. In fact, on the east coast of the U.S., there are huge chemical companies that are dedicated to developing chemicals that can mimic every common essential oil. That is just insane to me!

There are many accounts of people having used said oils and having adverse reactions. For example, One woman who had heard the benefits of Lavender for burns purchased some from her local health food store. After applying it the pain intensified and the burn worsened. After which she claimed that essential oils were worthless. She later had them analyzed and it turned out to be Lavadin, having high levels of camphor which may actually burn the skin upon contact!

How unfortunate is it that we as consumers seek out products that are supposed to be benefiting us, only to realize what was meant to help, is ultimately the thing causing us harm. This statement is true is so many ways. Think about the produce we purchase in the grocery store. Studies have shown what pesticides and GMO’s are doing not only to our food but to our bodies. Yet they are still available for purchase. But consumers have the choice. We can now choose to purchase foods that are labeled as “organic”. We choose these items because we want to KNOW that nothing has been added to our food that shouldn’t be there. We want to KNOW what we are purchasing is simply, pure. The way it should be.

That is exactly why I chose the company that I did. Because they are the ONLY company out there that personally grows all of their products and guarantees the standards of purity. Seed to Seal. Each and every oil is carefully hand selected for purity and condition. Some of the proposed shipments of oils from their own farms have been turned away because they were not up to the company’s high personal standards. Yes, this leads to some supply constraints, however, wouldn’t you want to know that you are getting the BEST essential oil available. Or would you rather settle for what is simply “available”?

Most essential oil companies are considered “rebottlers”. Meaning they purchase their oils from another company, slap their professional label on it and call it a day. I didn’t even know this was a thing?? Which led me to be even more confident in knowing what I chose to use for me and my family. I want to KNOW what I am using is pure. I want to know that their standards are high and that their process is meticulous. From the way they prep their fields and carefully select only the highest quality of plants to their distillation process through their series of rigorous tests. I want to know that they are in charge of the process from start to finish.

The bottom line is this. When it comes to your health and the health of your family, be selective. Ask questions, seek answers. But under no circumstances should you ever “settle” when it comes to essential oils. There are some real healing powers in essential oils. Making a poor choice in oils can lead you to miss out on those incredible benefits. And could possibly cause you more harm than good.

What are some of your favorite oils? Post your answers in the comments section listed below! If you need recommendations on where to begin, please do not hesitate to contact me directly! I am happy to discuss some options with you to get you started on your essential oil journey. Take care and happy oiling friends!!



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