Essential Oil Safety Tips

When it comes to using Essential Oils, even though they are 100% natural, there are still some precautions you should exercise. Below I will go over what those are to better educate you on proper uses. 

1. Oils are “oil soluble” not water soluble. Which means, just as the old saying goes” its like mixing oil and water. They don’t mix.”

Hence, why you use a carrier oil. If you happen to get a “hot” oil in a sensitive area. Do NOT flush it with water! That will only cause the oil to spread, causing the problem to worsen.

Instead, use a carrier oil to flush the essential oil. It will dissipate the sting and make the area feel normal and comfortable again.

2. When doing a Detox bath, you can use up to 10 drops of oil. Be sure to use at least 1/4 cup of Epsom salts to ensure that the oil isn’t just sitting on the top of the surface.

As previously mentioned, oils are not water soluble. To ensure even dispersion, you need to add the salts to the bath water.

**always be sure to stay hydrated after you have completed a detox bath. Water is key.**

3. Many chemicals are absorbed into the skin daily. Whether its through the environment, water, or products you are using.

These absorbed chemicals become trapped in our fatty subdermal layers of our skin. Where they can last for several months or years.

According to the Essential Oils Reference Guide Book pg. 32 as you start to use the oils, they will begin to move these chemicals from their resting place and cause them to come out of the skin.

Besides skin irritation, you could experience nausea, headaches, or other slight temporary effects. Such as dizziness, or feeling depleted or exhausted. This is your body working double time to expel the toxins out of your system. It’s all about what chemicals were used and for how long.

EO’s do not “cause” skin problems, rashes or eruptions. But may indirectly as the oils go after the chemicals in your skin. Essential oils have been known to digest toxic substances. So when the oils come into contact with chemical residue in the skin, they go after it.

Do not mistake this as the oils causing these skin conditions. Be grateful that the oils are going after the chemical residue in your body. And know that it is only temporary. As you should consider discontinuing the use of the chemical products that are causing the reactions to begin with.

**First time I took oils internally, I got this strange light-headed sensation. It made me so nervous! Then I read this and tried again, I haven’t had the same reaction since.**

4. Lastly, and by far, I feel, the most disregarded, is oil blending and diffusing.

According to the Essential Oils Reference Guide Book, pg. 37-38. Do NOT use more than one blend at a time. Especially when it comes to diffusing oils.

I know you think it “smells great” but this may alter the smell as well as the therapeutic benefits. Which is the whole point of diffusing oils. To absorb the benefits.

However, it is completely okay to mix “Blends” & “Singles” together. Or even multiple singles. The reason behind that is that the blends are scientifically created to serve a specific purpose. Therefore, if you are mixing 2 different blends, meant to treat 2 different purposes. You may be altering the oils and not achieving the desired effects.

Be sure to use your discretion and practice oil safety. Oils are meant to give you great therapeutic benefits. If you misuse them, you may mistake them for not working or being beneficial.

And as always, never hesitate to contact me should you have any questions!!



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