DIY “Mermaid Hair” Conditioning Leave-In Spray

I wanted to do a follow up to my shampoo recipe, and give you something to compliment your hair after you get out of the shower, as well. I have long straight hair, that gets pretty tangled throughout the day. I wanted something I could spray in that would make it silky and shiny, no matter how many times I wanted to use it. And this recipe just got even better!!!

Incredible Homemade Shampoo & Body Wash That Actually Works!
Incredible Homemade Shampoo & Body Wash

This is part of my daily maintenance routine, and I absolutely LOVE it! I couldn’t be happier with the results!

The combination of oils and essential oils not only make my hair soft & manageable, but it looks silky and shiny, too. Plus, it smells SO good! Bonus!

When you step out of the house, you want to look…well, most days I just go for presentable. But the on the days that you actually try, you want to look good. 

By the way, my hair looks, you honestly could never guess that I make all of my own products. Right in the convenience of my own home. No chemicals, no synthetic fillers, nothing but 100% natural oils and water. (Take that big time companies!)

The best part is, it is SO easy! You don’t need to be a scientist or a chemist, to whip this stuff up. It only takes minutes to make, and seconds to fall in love with the results! 

“Mermaid Hair” Conditioning Leave-In Spray

Geranium Leave-In Conditioning Spray

(makes 8 ounces)
8 oz 8 oz Spray Bottle
4 oz of Water
4 oz of Witch Hazel 

20 Drops of Tamanu Oil

10 Drops of Essential Beauty Serum
10 Drops of Cedarwood
15 Drops of
Geranium Essential Oil 
10 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil
10 Drops of Rosemary Essential Oil 

Begin with an 8 oz spray bottle. Fill with 4 oz of Witch Hazel and 4 oz of water. Add drops of various oils. Shake and go! This recipe not only smells invigorating but the essential oils combination actually encourages your locks to actually grow healthy and naturally! Leaving your hair silky, shiny and luxuriously manageable. (yes, please!) 

Give it a try, and just try not to fall in love. Happy Oiling, Friends!



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