The Great Debate: Young Living or doTerra?

Its the great debate, Young Living or doTerra, which one is better? I hear this question all the time. 

Why one company over the other? The answer may surprise you. I’m going to dive more into the facts to answer this question and hopefully bring an end to this age old question, Young Living or doTerra?

Let’s start with where Essential Oils even came from. Egyptians were the first on record who began extensively making and using EOs for their religion, cosmetics, and medicinal purposes. Dating as far back as 3,500 B.C.

These oils were created from, flowers, seeds, roots, wood/bark, peels/rinds from fruits, and leaves and herbs. But I’m sure all the logistics here will bore you, so let’s skip ahead a few millennia, shall we.

Next, let’s take a look at Young Living. In 1994 Young Living was founded by Gary Young and his wife Mary. At the age of 24 Gary, suffered a near fatal logging accident that changed his life forever. It left him in a coma for 3 weeks and confined him to a wheel chair thereafter.

Three years after his accident he began to regain feeling in this lower extremities again. Looking for a better way to heal his pain naturally, he began the use of Essential Oils.

With great success, this set him on a mission to bring the healing powers of EOs to the masses. He began traveling the world to learn more about the chemistry and the cutting-edge distillation techniques from the world leading experts. Through these extensive efforts, Young Living was born.

Now let’s take a look at doTerra. Back in 2008, a man by the name of David Stirling founded the company doTerra. The company came to life after his release from working as an executive with Young Living for many years.

His departure stemmed from a disagreement he had with the company on which direction they were moving forward in. David wanted something different. So he and a few other YL associates came together to form what is now known as doTerra.

After many years of claims from both sides, David finally addressed the situation with a public statement. He explains there is no ill will toward Gary Young, or the company. He merely had other ideas and wanted to pursue them. You can find the link here.

If you search hard enough you will always find something negative. People will make claims, trying to slander one side or the other. Just to make someone sound better. The truth is both companies provide quality oils and have good ethics.

For example, through Young Livings success, they’ve been able to create the Young Living Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that devotes time and resources to helping underprivileged children in impoverished countries.

And when it comes to how they care for their oils, their process is unparalleled.  They carefully select virgin ground that has never been touched by pesticides, GMO’s or synthetic products. It then takes them a minimum of 3 years to prepare the ground before anything will be planted there.  And everything is then cared for BY HAND. In fact, we as consumers can go and visit and tour any one of their 11 sustainable farms worldwide. Each and every one is held to the same commitment, promise, and high standards as the one before it. We are able to see their entire process from start to finish and even aid in their planting process too. There is absolutely nothing to hide. Which is why they are able to offer their exclusive “Seed to Seal” guarantee. Which is an incredible thing.

And then doTerra, who builds their company on the stance of something called Co-Impacting. They state that this is a way to provide jobs in countries that face both economic and environmental challenges. Which is a great thing.

And when it comes to their oils and products, they may not personally grow them, but they do carefully select them from reputable farms all around the world. Some of which have exclusive agreements to only supply their products directly to doTerra. 

Often I hear that these Oils are too expensive. My only caution to you would be using oils from less reputable companies. Not all essential oils are created equally. Because oils are becoming incredibly popular, they are now being created for a quick profit rather than for quality. In fact, most oils available on the market today are being diluted, adulterated and cut with synthetic fillers. Making them potentially dangerous. Sadly, the oil industry is not legally regulated so only 5% of the Essential Oil in each batch needs to be considered “pure” in order to market them as 100% pure therapeutic grade. Leaving us the consumer none the wiser. 

Cheap, synthetic and diluted oils are potentially toxic. Buyer Beware. You do not want to have your first experience with Essential Oils to be with a bad batch. You want to trust what you are using, and know that they are working. Do your own research, know your supplier, how they are grown, where they are grown, how they are distilled and bottled. Because only high-quality therapeutic-grade oils can offer true therapeutic benefits. When in doubt, watch out! Always ask questions. If the answers are not readily available to you, tread carefully.

So which company is better?  Wait for it— neither.

Neither company is really better or worse necessarily. Yes, they are different in many ways but both companies are working toward the same common goal. To bring a better way of natural healing and wellness to the world, without the use of toxins or synthetic chemicals. That’s it. It honestly comes down to personal preference.

Personally, I chose Young Living, and my reasons were simple. I liked that they were the pioneers in the industry. They’ve been around for 20 + years. Meaning their proven methods have been around longer and are clearly working.

Second, I loved their extensive product line. With over 400 products they have everything you could possibly need to care for you and your family. Including your furbabies! Everything ranging from beauty, body & oral care to dietary supplements, multivitamins, oils and more! They even have exclusive lines just for men, children, and your pets!

Lastly, the community. Let’s face it, oils can seem incredibly overwhelming. Especially at first. But they don’t have to be! When you delve into the world of essential oils are you given a family of fellow Oilers to help to guide you along the way. Everyone is on a similar path to wellness with better & safer options. 

What does it mean to become a member? Being a member is as simple as getting a wholesale membership. There are no requirements to sell, no commitments, no hidden fees, NO KIDDING! It just means exclusive access to incredible products at wholesale prices. That’s it.

The choice is yours. If you are already using oils in your daily life, then you already know how incredible they are. Feel confident knowing you are making a good choice for you and your family by adding EO’s into your daily life either way. 

If you are still unsure and have questions, you are welcome to join my Essential Oil Education group, here.  I am more than happy to help to make some really helpful suggestions. So what are you waiting for? Unlock the Potential, and Go Essential!



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