That Essential Oils “Aha” Moment

I had heard a lot about Essential Oils for a long time. I had a girlfriend who was using them and couldn’t stop singing their praises. I read articles about how well they worked and were replacing modern day drugs, even curing cancer??? I have to admit this caught my attention.

At the time I was pregnant with my second child and had always suffered from tension/stress headaches. I was looking for an alternative to medication. I didn’t want to continue to take pills on a regular basis. In addition to this I had suffered a near fatal car accident nearly 10 years ago, where I broke basically everything from my ribs down. Including my back, hip and shattered both of my legs.

Miraculously the Drs. were able to put me back together, but obviously not without some residual chronic pain. I hated taking any narcotics, as my body doesn’t respond to them well. So I essentially lived on Advil/Alieve liquid gels on a regular basis. I was probably taking 2 sometimes 4, a day on bad days. Finally, after some research and a poor choice on a very cheap kit, I decided to take the plunge and get a Starter Kit from Young Living.

I didn’t really expect much. I honestly was still on the fence as to whether this was a bunch of “hoopla” or not. I bought it mainly because I wanted the 24% discount, because if you knew me, you would know that I really like a good deal!

Shortly after purchasing it, both of my boys and I came down with colds. A cough, runny nose, sneezing, you know the drill. So I broke out my kit and asked some of my fellow “Lemon Droppers” what I could use. They agreed, Lemon, Thieves and RC. I began the regimen, and within 3 days, we were all perfect again. Not a symptom!! I was shocked.

This got me even more curious. What else can these oils do??? A few days later, I got a visit from a familiar “old friend”. A terrible Headache. I looked up what I could use out of my kit, and applied Frankincense. Within minutes, maybe two to three, tops. It was just, gone. GONE! I couldn’t believe it!

Shortly after that my back as bothering me again. I typically would have called the chiropractor right away. But decided to try another oil from my kit. PanAway. It relieved it in minutes! I was totally blown away!

Another time, I was cooking dinner and burnt my hand and arm really bad. If you’ve ever burnt yourself, you know the initial pain and sensitivity suck. I looked up what I could use, and luckily enough, it too was in my kit. Lavender. I rubbed it on. And I’ll give you two guesses, where I’m going with this….The pain was gone. Not only that, but there were no marks the next day. You know what I mean, where it would usually bubble up and be all sensitive and red. There was nothing.

After personally witnessing how effective these oils were, I couldn’t help but think these were no joke. These things really work!! I began to educate myself and study more and more about what each oil was good for. I mean, there were so many! The most interesting thing I learned, was how versatile they were. If one oil doesn’t work, try another. People’s responses to oils are as varied as your individual responses to food. Not all food affect people the same way. As is the same with oils. The possibilities are almost endless.

It has now been over 6 months since I started using my oils. And I am so excited to say, that I have not taken one pill. Not one, since. Not for headaches, illness, back pain, not even for a hangover. Because, guess what, there’s an oil for that too šŸ˜‰

I have replaced my little purse bottle of pills, with a roller bottle of oils. Essential Oils didn’t cure me or take the pain away forever. But they have saved me in so many other ways. The only question is, what can’t these oils do?


Have you had an Essential Oils “Aha” moment? I would love to hear about it! Post about it in the comments below! 



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