The Battle for my Life with Anxiety & Depression

Is it possible to have Anxiety and not even know it? For me, that was the case. As a young adult, I remember hearing stories of people having anxiety attacks. How it would consume them. How this overwhelming sensation began in the pit of their chest and inhibited them from functioning, feeling and even behaving rationally. Read More


What Wintergreen and NSAIDs have in common

Wintergreen is a major contributor to my pain relief routine. In fact, the blend PanAway, which was specifically created for pain relief, includes wintergreen. Interestingly, according to the Essential Oils Reference Guide Book, for deep and chronic pain, they suggest adding 2 additional drops of wintergreen when applying for added benefit. WHY IS WINTERGREEN SO EFFECTIVE?  Read More

DIY- Pumpkin Spice Body Srub

DIY Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub

all is just around the corner and with that comes Pumpkin Spice… EVERYTHING! So I figured why not create a fun and delicious body scrub that not only smells incredible but also makes an excellent and inexpensive gift (double win). Just in time for back to school! The best part is just how EASY this is Read More

Not All Essential Oils are Created Equally

Not All Essential Oils Are Created Equally

uite often I am asked questions about the different kinds of oils available and why some are more expensive than others. Although I will never knock a specific brand or oil, I do always warn people to be selective with what they are using. NOT ALL OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL. And you honestly get what Read More

Dapple Mama DIY sunscreen

DIY All-Natural Sunscreen ā€” REVISED (4/2017)

s the warmer months are approaching, I decided it was time to create my own all natural sunscreen. Why would I go through all the trouble when I could just as easily grab something from my local convenient store?  I am sure you’re familiar with the expression “Ignorance is bliss”. Basically meaning, if you don’t know Read More